Setting Up An Outdoors Painting Area

My kids and I are trying out activities from the first Art Together e-zine issue, which I plan to have available for you next month. Today was not too hot or humid, so I decided to set us up to paint outside, and I wanted to share with you how easy this can be.

We have some basic plastic deck furniture–nothing too fancy or precious. The brown boards are masonite boards from Home Depot, cut to size–the same thing drawing boards are made from, but much cheaper. I’ve brought out our paints, brushes, glass rinsing jars, and a pitcher of water–this way, it’s easy to refill the rinsing jars without running back and forth into the house. My kitchen is on the opposite side of that wall, so it’s not that hard to refill the pitcher, either, when necessary.

That’s it! It’s that easy. Fresh air on a not-too-hot day and painting. Two good things together.

7 thoughts on “Setting Up An Outdoors Painting Area

  1. Jen

    I never thought of filling a pitcher of water to bring out to rinse out the paint jars. I’m always running back into the house! (Which isn’t too bad since the kitchen & bathroom are both right off the deck). I like the masonite boards…I’ll have to check those out!

    1. amy Post author

      The boards come bigger than that, I think I have them cut them into thirds (they’ll cut for you at Home Depot). And the pitcher is a trick I picked up from running art classes in classrooms without running water. 😉

      1. Jen

        I really like the idea of boards. Right now we use newspaper to protect the tables. Boards seem much more sturdy (obviously) and then she can paint/draw/glue etc on the floor, grass, etc. A trip to Home Depot is in our future!

  2. Dawn Suzette

    Okay. Pitcher of water for the rinse jars is genius! I could use this even for paining in when indoors. So much back and forth. A big jar for the old water beside. Love it!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. amy Post author

      We have some basins–the kind the hospital gives you when your child begins throwing up randomly even though you’re there so the baby can see a specialist and the older vomiting child is just along for the ride*–and they’re excellent for collecting the dirty water. That’s what I used in the classroom.

      *I couldn’t resist throwing that in. Life!!

      1. Dawn Suzette

        Gee. I am super happy we don’t have any of those 🙁
        But those life moments can help you bring home some good things to use around the art table! 🙂

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