The 5K

If you follow me on Twitter you know that my kids complained so much about coming to watch me run this race that I told them all to stay home. You also know that I barely slept the night before and was emotionally and physically exhausted. I had about a minute and a half in the driveway where I thought about not going. I was sure I’d run horribly. I wasn’t sure of the point. Then I thought, The point is that I signed up to do it, and I’ll feel awful if I don’t even show up. So I did.

My kids decided at the last minute that actually they did want to go, so their dad brought them, and that’s why I have some pictures to share with you. First, I’ll tell you that as soon as we turned the corner out of the school lot onto the street, I felt slow. I kept getting passed, too. But at the first mile, someone was calling out times, and I realized I was running at the best pace I could. Still, I kept getting passed, and still, I tried to run my pace, pushing myself but not overreaching. Remember that last week I ran this course in 26:39, happy to have finished in under 27 minutes. I set a new quiet goal of maybe finishing in under 26 minutes, but I didn’t think, the way I felt this morning, that I would.

Here I am heading towards the finish, trying to have a bit of a sprint/kick to the end. It was hard. But then I saw the big clock at the end, as I got closer, and realized I was going to finish in under 26 minutes. Elation!

And here I am afterwards, with the medal that every finisher received, and a cup of chocolate milk, which is my usual after. (A local dairy was there handing out chocolate and coffee milk to the runners.) My finishing time was 25:35, which is a pace of 8:15 per mile. That’s as quickly as I’ve run since I began running again this summer…so despite getting passed so much, I feel like I sorted out right where I belonged, and I’m really happy with how I finished. But if I do this again any time soon, I will try to get more sleep the night before.

And now I plan to get back to the art-and-creativity type posts!

20 thoughts on “The 5K

  1. hsofia

    Congratulations on your best time! That is fantastic. I hope you feel good about it and I’m really glad your family joined you. πŸ™‚

  2. Jen

    YAY!!!! I am sooo happy for you. You did something FOR YOURSELF!! And you look so happy. I know it was a tough day/evening/morning leading up to the race but I’m so proud of you for sticking it out and doing it. I hope you’ve been celebrating you today!!

    1. amy Post author

      Thanks, Jen. Well, I took a nap Sunday afternoon….but I managed to have a glass of wine with dinner without promptly falling asleep! So we’ll call that celebrating!

  3. Cameron

    You should be proud of yourself!
    I certainly am for you!
    How nice that your Hubby brought the kids down, too πŸ™‚

    Congrats, Amy!!

  4. Olivia

    Congratulations! A great time and you look strong and happy. I bet some of those people passing you just didn’t know how to pace themselves.

    1. amy Post author

      Thanks, Olivia. No, they were just faster runners…I never passed them back. But I don’t feel like I left anything out there, which is a good way to feel after a race, like you gave it all you had. πŸ˜‰

  5. donna lee

    Congratulations for choosing to run instead of going back inside. I know how hard that decision is sometimes. And you beat your goal! Go You! You are strong and capable and amazing.

  6. Karen

    hats off to you! I missed all the pre-race drama because I’m a twitter loser and always forget to read! that’s a great action shot – you look so strong and focused!

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