Florida Respite

I feel incredibly fortunate that I have a good friend in Florida who gave me her guest room for a long weekend. I felt wonderfully relaxed right up until it was time to come home, and I slept really well there too. Everybody needs a break from routine now and then. We had a great balance of time together and time for me to explore a bit on my own, too.

My kids gave me their opinions on which of the many photos I took to share here…

black-bellied whistling duck

On Saturday my friend took me to a local nature area, the name of which I never did write down, and she said we did quite well for birding given the time of year. My kids thought I should share this picture of a black-bellied whistling duck, which nicely posed for several photographers, not just me. My camera is a small point-and-shoot, so I did the best I could with farther-away birds. This one, though, was right up close and easy to photograph even with my so-so camera.

jolly buddha

Later that same day we visited the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, where I took a picture of this lovely jolly Buddha. Just as we finished walking the gardens and entered the museum, the skies let loose with a Florida downpour. Great timing! I enjoyed Morikami inside and out.

On Sunday my friend took her boys to a kid birthday party, so I took myself to the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach. Lovely! I really enjoy art museums. This one had many silver gelatin prints of black & white photographs, and a good black & white photographic print just takes my breath away. The tones, the grain, the paper and print itself, the composition, knowing what it takes to frame a good photograph, develop the film, and print it, the care and time and eye…I do miss it. Some of the happiest hours of my life were spent inhaling darkroom chemicals.

This museum also had three O’Keeffes on display, and I can’t recall if I’ve ever seen any in person before. If so, it was long long ago. I photographed this one (it was allowed, without flash) because my daughter likes bones. This shows a pelvis bone.

“Pelvis with Moon,” Georgia O’Keeffe, Norton Museum of Art.

They also had an exhibit of world skyscrapers re-created with LEGO bricks. I took photos of each of them for my LEGO-loving kids. This is the Flatiron Building in NYC.

flatiron building in LEGO

Before I left the museum, I took a self-portrait of myself outside.


I promised my oldest I’d try to get a picture of a lizard, since we don’t have any up here. I told him they run around the streets and under bushes just like squirrels do here. I finally found a lizard who cooperated with my goal.


I did other things here and there, but that’s quite enough photos! One last one, though…beach-combing finds to share with my kids. I found many shells (and coral!) that we just don’t get this far north.

beach-combing finds

And now it’s back to life-as-usual…my boys are feverish, plans for the day (karate camp) have been cancelled, and I have work goals that need to be gotten to this week. I thoroughly enjoyed my few days away, though, and getting to spend so much time with one of my oldest friends. I’ll try not to go so long between visits next time.

13 thoughts on “Florida Respite

  1. bells

    Wonderful! I’m sure that time away in the sun was good for you – although of course it’s not like you’re without sun at home but a sunny holiday is always a nice thing!

    That lego! Wow! What can’t they do with lego?

  2. donna lee

    What a great way to reconnect with a friend. Time to yourself can be so fleeting when you have children and being able to replenish that particular well is so important.

    I love Legos, too, and the Flatiron building. Lego sells architectural sets now. I’m looking at getting one for my husband.

  3. michelle

    So glad you had a good time.

    What do you mean you don’t have lizards??? Tell that boy to come hang out here. We have SO many in the backyard. They’re fun to catch. 🙂

    Also, I want that Buddha. I already have a spot picked out in the backyard.

    1. amy Post author

      That Buddha is huge!! But I’d love to have him too. We have a small happy Buddha in our front yard. He’s sitting, though, not lounging.

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