I have nothing creative to share with you. Instead, there has been a lot of this going on:

The book: A Place in Time by Wendell Berry

My oldest has also been reading quite a bit, and playing Minecraft. My younger two kids have had the Legos, among other things (but mostly the Legos), all over the living room floor. If everybody is otherwise occupied and it’s not raining and there’s a bit of shade, I sneak out onto the deck, slider open so I can hear them, and read.

This summer is already different from just about every summer we’ve lived here (excepting the first, when I had a brand-new, born-too-soon baby). We haven’t been to the beach yet, except for a walk after dinner one night. Usually the beach calls me, and I happily pack up all we need and head out early for the day. This summer I’m secretly grateful for any rain that gets me off the hook. It’s raining and thundering now, and I’ll be turning on the Tour de France soon, happy to have an excuse to settle in and listen to the rain and the announcers both.

I’ve been starting my days with a run instead of a walk, now. I was on the cross-country team in junior high and high school, eons and eons ago, but I quit halfway through high school when the external pressures outweighed the internal satisfaction. I didn’t run after that except for one summer in college, when my first serious boyfriend was treating me badly (and cheating on me too, turns out), and I felt the urge to run. Now my body wants to run again–walking isn’t fast enough–and I’m listening to it. My boys’ karate studio–we’ve signed our 11yo up now too–has a pilates/kickboxing class for adults that ends with some gentle yoga, and I went to my first session on Monday. Tuesday I felt muscles I hadn’t noticed before, and it felt good to have worked my body that way.

Tonight I fly to Florida for four days to visit an old friend–fingers crossed. My art date with Karen fell apart when my husband’s flight home the day before was cancelled. My flight to Florida is already delayed, nine hours before scheduled take-off. I can only hope for the best. I’ve become used to plans being made and cancelled, changed, delayed–part and parcel of this life with three kids and a semi-absent husband. But I’m firmly planning on stepping sideways out of this life for four days, anyway, delayed flights and all.

Wishing a peaceful weekend, hopefully with a bit of self-care, for you as well.

7 thoughts on “Self-Care

  1. Bells

    yes it’s not like you to not post lots of beach pics, with all the creatures and treasures you find there. I like the sound of this summer though – lots of reading and resting!

    And travelling! Florida! I hope you have a wonderful time and we get a great write up.

  2. suburbancorrespondent

    Yes, it’s a good feeling to slow down and focus for a bit. I spent a week reading my birthday books and riding my bike and not doing much else (beyond the basics), and I felt better than I have in a long time. Have a nice trip!

  3. carolyn

    I’m happy that you are being gentle with yourself and taking time for you. It’s so important that we give ourselves time to recharge, but that’s the thing that is always set aside for other things that seem more important in the moment.

    Enjoy Florida! I’m heading down there myself next week. I’m driving Grace’s car down to her. Two days of driving, one day in the Magic Kingdom together and I’ll fly home. Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to the quiet drive time?

  4. Donna Lee

    I hope by now you’re on the plane or in florida. I’ll wave at planes overhead today just in case one of them is yours!

    The one good thing about this very rainy summer is the reading. I totally get the “rain relief” feeling where you can’t really go out and be active.

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