Summer T-Shirt Round-Up

Decorating our own t-shirts is a summer staple here. These range from simple (printing with leaves) to more complicated. I’ve gathered up the ones I’ve posted about here, in case you’re looking for ideas.

glue batik

Several years ago we each designed and decorated our own t-shirts using a glue batik process. I posted about it at Kidoinfo here.

sun print shirts

We experimented with sun printing right on t-shirts, with variable success. We learned cheap watered down liquid acrylics worked best for this. The full post is here.

freezer paper stencil

A favorite technique that we’ve used over and over–freezer paper stencils. The shirt above still gets worn regularly and complimented. The full post is here.

scratch foam shirt

Because my daughter was a bit too young at the time to design her own freezer paper stencil shirt, I helped her print a shirt using scratch foam. Our full process is described here.

The kids and I haven’t yet discussed what this summer’s shirts might entail. We’ll keep you posted!

8 thoughts on “Summer T-Shirt Round-Up

    1. amy Post author

      It’s one of my favorite methods. My daughter gets one on her birthday every year, her new number plus a crown. 😉

  1. Jen

    Great ideas!! Do you get your t-shirts at ac moore or one of the other craft stores? I love freeze stencil idea. What a great summer tradition!

    1. amy Post author

      I do–they often have them on sale. We’ve also used white undershirts bought in a package of 3 at Target. If they are the slightly thicker ones, they’re fine for daytime shirts too, once they’re dyed. I think that’s what we used for the batik shirts.

  2. Karen

    nice round up! We have two t-shirt traditions at camp – stenciling with found objects and bleach in a spray bottle, and sharpie tie-dye. there’s something so satisfying about wearing a t-shirt you made yourself.

    1. amy Post author

      So you obviously start with colored t-shirts for the found-object stenciling? I’d love to see how that looks. It sounds super cool.

  3. Bells

    this is such a fun idea. I can imagine if we did those Alice would be so proud to wear her own design. Is that what happens? The kids feel proud of their work and showing it off?

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