Summer, At Last

Today is finally my oldest’s last day of school. We got hit with not only snow days (expected for New England), but hurricane days, too (which is becoming an Annual Thing now). Typically I approach summer with gusto, determined to squeeze every possible drop of sunshine out of this too-short season here. Beach days, day trips, art activities, picnics, on and on…we make a list and we get on it.

But, this summer…I haven’t done that. Most of the plans I’ve made are all about me. Not all of them, mind you. We have circus tickets. I’ll get the beach parking pass sooner or later. But I have work I want to accomplish this summer, and I guess I’m getting more willing to schedule myself in. Saturday I set myself up on the deck–it was too nice to work inside.

summer work space

I want to get back on track with project time over the summer, too, with my schooled child joining in. The only criteria for the kids’ projects are that they be self-directed (with my support, of course, with gathering supplies, driving places, and so on) and that they somehow share this project with others. As I mentioned, I have my own projects I’m working on this summer, and of course this required a project notebook.

my project notebook

See the little tabs sticking out on the side? I made those with washi tape, to keep my different sections easy to find. I’m very much enjoying this project notebook. (It’s a Moleskine. Of course.) One of those projects is opening that Etsy shop. Last week I took a two-hour workshop on Etsy through the Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education department. It was really helpful to have someone walk through all the steps. (If you want announcements and such, you can sign up for my email list.)

As for other all-about-me plans I’ve made for the summer? This weekend Karen and I have an art-making date. Next month I’m flying (by myself) to visit a high school friend for a long weekend. And at the very end of the summer, there will be this. Why? Because it seemed like a good idea, and it’s logistically possible (not easy, but possible). At one point in my life, I’d book plane tickets and go places by myself without a second thought. It was a much shorter period in my life than I thought it would be. Time to do some more flying this summer.

10 thoughts on “Summer, At Last

  1. donna lee

    This is the most I’ve ever heard you plan for yourself. It’s wonderful. I, too, am glad it’s summer. I have some vague plans (and there’s a wedding coming up in September) but nothing concrete. I like the unplanned laziness of the hot sunny days.

    1. amy Post author

      Thanks, Donna Lee. Yes, it’s quite a lot of things all planned for me, both work and play. I should have done better years ago.

  2. RoseRed

    I am not much of a planner. Which I (obviously) mostly like. But it does mean we miss out sometimes on doing good things, because we just haven’t gotten ourselves organised. So I wish I was sometimes more organised. Although I mostly think summer holidays are for going with the flow.

    But I am glad you have organised those plane trips for yourself. Both sound wonderful.

  3. BElls

    oh that’s a good use for washi tape! I had wondered what else it might be used for other than wrapping things. Lovely!

    I like a good mix of planning and going with the flow. When I strike that balance, I feel at my best!

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