Making (Plans) + Listening (Quietly)

I haven’t been feeling well this week, my brain too sluggish to make anything. I haven’t even managed to knit from a pattern! This is distressing to me. Making is such a part of my days and who I am, I’m at a bit of a loss when my body declares otherwise. Last night, though, I got out of the house by myself, taking a brand new Moleskine and my pouch of colored felt-tips to the university library. I sat there listening to nothing but silence and ordered my brain to cooperate so I could do some brainstorming and planning.

I am counting this as a successful evening out.

I’ve also been trying to walk daily, about 2.5 miles in my neighborhood. When the weather cooperates, I head out in the morning, by 5:30. Cars are few, birds are noisy, and often I see a deer or two. If it’s raining in the morning I cross my fingers I can squeeze in a walk after dinner; the other night I caught a break in the weather and went for a drippy walk, serenaded by a cacophony of spring peepers. I listen to the wind in the treetops; the neighborhood stream, which usually plods along but is now rushing, swollen with recent rains; the sound of my sneakers on the pavement; and my own thoughts circling in my head. I like walking in the morning best, getting that time to myself before I have to talk to anyone or process their demands.

I am, of course, linking up with Dawn this week for making + listening. How about you? Are you making this week? What are you listening to?

3 thoughts on “Making (Plans) + Listening (Quietly)

  1. Victoria

    Making: a blog post for Sunflower about the transition to going back to work full time. I am having time finding time to write it because I’m so tired from… working full time.


  2. carolyn

    Amy, I hope you’re feeling better soon. Could you have been glutened? That’s how Ellen gets. Please thank Grace for the notecards…they’re adorable!

  3. Cameron

    Good for you! 5:30 is so darn early…but so nice to feel like the world is only yours for a bit! One of my favorite things about camping is that brief, mysterious moment when all the night creatures become silent and the day creatures have yet to call out…in that quick moment…everything is still. I love when I become aware of that moment (for it happens early!)…I lay in the sleeping bag and feel that point in time belonged to just me 🙂

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