ICAD 2013

I am rather quietly joining in with Tammy’s Index-Card-A-Day Challenge, for as long as I keep it up, I suppose. I don’t have a theme. I’m not trying to do daily collages or prints or drawings; I’m just trying to look at an index card–3″x5″ for now because that’s what I had downstairs–and put something on it, using whatever mark-making tool I feel like at the time. On Day One, I decided to try to get more comfortable with my watercolor pencils by drawing one of the irises currently blooming in my yard.

The next day–evening, really–I grabbed a jar of Sharpies and doodled.

Although “challenge” is right in the name here, I’m not looking to challenge myself, not really. I’m looking to provide myself with 20 minutes or so (maybe more, maybe less) to just play in this small space. I’m not thinking about it too much. It is, I suppose, a little bit of art therapy. I won’t post them all here, but I’ll try to add them all to my ICAD Flickr set.

Are you joining in with ICAD? Or maybe something else? Are you looking to challenge yourself, or comfort? And hmm, can both be accomplished at the same time? Things I am pondering…

8 thoughts on “ICAD 2013

  1. Michelle

    How did you use the watercolor pencils on that one? did you dip them or sketch then brush with water?

    I love the challenge. The idea of just using that small space every day. We’ve been drawing in our sketchbooks. Filling up pages, just a few minutes a day. It’s very freeing. But that small daily habit is key. Especially when I’m trying to build my own confidence. The kids draw all the time anyway!

    1. amy Post author

      Both. Dipped and sketched for the flower, then sketched and brushed for the background, then added some extra brush onto the flower sketch. 😉

  2. Cameron

    I think any time put aside for creating fits both bills. I love that you are just going with the flow and following your own artistic whim.
    These are both great 🙂

    I’ll send you a separate email about the carving class.

  3. donna lee

    You have such a good eye. That iris is gorgeous. I think something can be both challenging and comforting at the same time. While you are challenging yourself (your imagination/creativity/skill-whatever) it can be comforting to throw your whole self into a project even if only for a few moments and let the rest of the world (which sometimes makes us feel so inadequate) fall away. To see that we are still capable of creating beauty can lift the spirits and be like a self pat on the back.

    1. amy Post author

      you say so much truth here, and thank you for the compliment, as well. being able to shed the rest of the world for even a few moments can be a godsend.

  4. iHanna

    ICAD is a lot of fun! I’ve joined before, but right now I’m in the middle of a 365 collage-project. I think you have the right idea about it – do what ever you enjoy most today! Enjoy!

    1. amy Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Hanna! Yes, enjoy. I’ve been enjoying looking at your collages as you post them, too!

  5. Karen

    Now you have me pondering the use of the word challenge. Am I pushing myself to create daily? Or am I nurturing myself by holding those few minutes of creativity sacred. The end result is the same – daily creativity, but the force and intention is different. Hmmm….

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