The Week’s Work

I don’t feel I made much progress with my own making this week. The first part of the week I felt sluggish and like I wasn’t focusing well, and the second part was busy–so busy that I’m joining in with Dawn’s Making + Listening link-up three days late. Nevertheless, we’ve been making things here.

My oldest made a zine to fulfill a class project. I used this as an excuse to finally buy a long-reach stapler. His only supply request was a non-photo blue pencil (because you don’t need to erase your lines after inking; it doesn’t show up on photocopies). I want to make zines too!

I finally finished my Tang in green wool (so perfect for this time of year…um, not!).

It needs a rinse and block, but my utility sink, which I thought would work so nicely for washing handknits, is full, as always, of drying paintbrushes and paint splotches. I won’t wear this for a few months anyway, and perhaps I’ll remember to do a post with modeled shots when I do…

My daughter made me a cardinal sitting in a nest.

This was all her own idea and execution. She asked for my help reaching the red and green card stock and then set to work with scissors and tape, cutting the shapes out herself. (She used the large circle hole punch for the head and feet.) She ran back and forth to check the bird poster hanging on our wall, the one that includes a cardinal. She was detailed about the feet, wasn’t she? That’s one of the bits she double-checked with the poster. This is so authentically a four-year-old’s creation. I adore it.

I also helped my daughter make more goat note cards.

These sets are already claimed and paid for, and we need to make more to fulfill more orders. I’ll talk more about her work in a future post, but for now I’ll say that I’m so pleased she is having success and so grateful to the communities (both online and in real life) that are helping her achieve that success. My daughter never doubted her plan would work, and I’d do well to observe and learn from the confidence of this four-year-old.

Speaking of which, she also made it to the top of the rock wall at her brother’s school fair today.

Climbing to the top.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo that shows the wall in its entirety so you can see how tall it was. It was really, really tall.

At the top.

It was a little hard to look at my last baby dangling from a harness at the top of that thing, but she was so excited to try and so determined to get all the way up; of course I cheered her on. She drew a little bit of a crowd. A rock-climbing gym recently opened nearby (this was their traveling wall), and I don’t think we’ll be able to keep G out of it.

As for the listening portion, my husband was away this week, so while I wove ends into my sweater and tried to embroider (that being the project I haven’t made much progress on), I watched and listened to Merlin. I have four episodes left to go in Season 3. The younger kids finished listening to The Phantom Tollbooth and The Arabian Nightsย as I read them aloud. And, because we met friends at the zoo this week, we of course listened to Tom Paxton’s Goin’ to the Zoo on the way. This is such a great CD of fun songs. We all like it.

I hope you are in the midst of an enjoyable weekend, with some time to make and listen to whatever makes you happy.

10 thoughts on “The Week’s Work

  1. Dawn Suzette

    I am so glad you joined in… Much better late than never!
    That cardinal is just the sweetest ever. The feet are detailed indeed. I love that she checked the poster for reference.
    I will have to look for the zoo Album. My kiddos love songs about animals!
    Hope you get a chance to make and relax this weekend!
    Thanks for joining in and sharing!

    1. amy Post author

      Thanks, Dawn! It’s a busy weekend but things ought to calm down on Monday…hope I didn’t just jinx myself!

  2. Lori

    what awesome making! love that cardinal and nest! hope we get to see the zine, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    and of course you know i approve of the watching/listening choiceโ€ฆ ;o)

  3. Cameron

    Oh Amy…you have wonderfully creative kids….makes a Mama’s crafty heart beat with joy ๐Ÿ™‚
    ….and how cool she climbed all the way to the top of the rock wall! That’s a fun thing she’ll be able to tell everyone.

    Today, Maggie made a cat house for our kitties by taping construction paper to all 4 sides of our end table, complete with cut outs for the door and windows….and she drew pictures to tape onto the walls for them to enjoy while inside. It’s a nice end table from my MIL, so I’m not thrilled to see if the tape will leave residue or do damage, but she worked so hard on it, I told her we could leave it up for 1 day.

    I’d love to see pics of your modeling that sweater. That green yarn is just beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. amy Post author

      Thanks, Cameron! It is *really* nice yarn, and I have enough leftover to make something for the girl, I think.

      I can see how you have mixed feelings about the tape on the furniture! We have almost nothing nice, sooo….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. donna lee

    My heart was in my throat at that photo of “the baby” at the top of the wall. I am glad the cards are such a success! She has her mama’s determination.

    1. amy Post author

      Oh, she’s determined, all right, but I’m not sure it came from me! Her confidence is inspiring, that’s for sure.

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