Painted for Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, which makes my heart happy (although I’m feeling so wide-open vulnerable this year that poetry is almost too much, if you know what I mean). Instead of posting a poem a day, as I’ve done in the past, I’m sharing links to poems on Twitter and G+. But poetry is bound to show up in this space this month, too. Like today, for instance.


A while ago I painted a quote from a favorite T. S. Eliot poem, and I decided to do that again with this quote that jumped out at me from Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front by Wendell Berry. I’m not sure where it will hang yet; the Eliot quote is currently hanging in my dining room. I don’t think poetry should be shut up in books, obviously. I think it needs to live with me, intimately. How about you? Where do your favorite quotes end up?


(Incidentally, Annie, who introduced me to this poem during a poetry discussion on Twitter one night, is having a give-away of five Cynthia Rylant books to celebrate Volume Twelve of Alphabet Glue. Go check it out.)

12 thoughts on “Painted for Poetry Month

  1. Jen

    Beautiful! What a great idea. Did you use acrylics? I’ve got a big cheerio box here I want to prep to use for painting. I found a site (maybe you put it on Twitter?) about using old cardboard boxes as post cards to paint on. I might do it with some poetry like this.

    1. amy Post author

      Yes, I used Golden acrylics for this, but Liquitex Basics would work just as well–I like both–and I’ve seen those in a set of primaries, black, & white at the box craft stores (so you can use a coupon!). I love that you’re experimenting on your own, Jen, along with what you’re doing with Ree!

  2. Cameron

    I love incorporating favorite quotes into my art, too….it gives them a life of their own…let’s them exist in so many ways, visually, creatively and emotionally 🙂
    Love those bright Joyful colors!

  3. Dawn Suzette

    That is beautiful Amy!
    We need more poety out where we can see it and soak it up. Thanks for the inspiration. Now to find just the right quote.

    1. amy Post author

      Thank you. I really do enjoy being surrounded by it. I like how my kids feel surrounded by it too, as a result!

  4. frutabombastic

    I love this. I was a poetry writing major in undergrad, and when I was a math teacher I had lots of quotes and some poems hung up in my classroom. But they were just printed on a computer, not painted so beautifully. I think this would be a wonderful project for *me* to do alongside my little girl as she is exploring paint. Thank you for the idea!!

    1. amy Post author

      You’re welcome! I like doing my own thing while my kids do theirs, too. Keeps everybody happy. 🙂

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