Running Running Running

My husband’s been away most of the week. I’ve had the typical dose of solo parenting challenges (and a nasty head cold). He’ll be back later tonight. This afternoon, we went to the beach for a bit of autumn sunshine.

It was really windy though. Really windy. And the sand was blowing right at preschooler height, and it stung! My daughter said she didn’t like the wind so we switched directions and climbed up to the pavilion. I figured we’d look at the view and salvage the trip, but when we got there, we realized an empty off-season pavilion is just begging to be run on.

And so we did, all of us. Into the wind, and with the winds at our back. “Put out your flying arms,” directed my daughter, and I did. A half hour of running back and forth, with the ocean in sight on all sides.


5 thoughts on “Running Running Running

  1. Jill

    SO glad to hear it; so glad your day was about more than grocery chores. Nice you got sunshine; it’s raining here. Again.

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