When I began this blog in the autumn of 2010, we had a newish art/craft area that I felt wasn’t getting used. I wanted to make it a priority for my kids and I to make time for art-making together, and I used this blog to both record what we did and keep me on track. In that regards, it’s served its purpose for me personally. As evidenced by my spotty posting lately, it feels as if, in its current form, it’s come to a natural end. However, I don’t want to close this space. Lots of people land here via Google searches, and I hope they find inspiration and ideas. Various posts have been pinned, and I don’t want those pins to come to a dead end. As our family life is evolving, I suspect this space may evolve too, but I haven’t quite decided yet what form that will take.

So I’m officially taking a break from this blog for a month or two while I think about it, and I hope to return with, well, a plan. In the meantime, if you’re interested, I blog about my own creative projects at Salamander Dreams. You generally won’t find ideas for art projects specifically with the kids there, but you may find inspiration all the same, especially as I believe there isn’t a clear delineation between what the kids do and what the adults do, creatively speaking. It’s always overlapped here, to the benefit of us all.

May your days be filled with joyful making, until we “talk” again!