Field Trip: Back to the deCordova

We took advantage of an absolutely beautifully mild February day during the kids’ break week and returned to the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. (Our first visit, in the summertime, is described here.)

This time, we made sure to find The Musical Fence, which we missed last time.

{We visited with our cousins this time!}

There was sketching again.

And we discovered the grounds (and inside, too!) had been yarn bombed as part of the Biennial.

I knit a bit (ahem, understatement!), so my kids knew exactly what they were seeing. The trees were wearing sweaters!

Hands down, the kids’ favorite exhibit indoors was Capturing Resonance, which is new since our last visit. Photos aren’t allowed indoors, so you’ll have to click over to see. We called it the “glittery bits,” and then we discovered it created noise, too, with our help. So cool!

Have you taken any art-related excursions lately?