Stamp Making for Younger Kids

In the last post, I showed how my older kids turned a sketch into a rubber stamp. While they were making their stamps, my three-year-old, naturally, wanted to make a stamp, too. Rather than turn a drawing of hers into a stamp myself–which is definitely one option and something we might do in the future–I wanted to find a way for her to be involved in the entire process of making a stamp. This is what we did. Photos are scarce, because I was focusing on making sure my older kids were using the sharp cutting tools safely and properly, but it’s a pretty simple process.

Materials: Craft foam, scissors, wooden block, glue, pencil or other tool to make marks in the foam (optional)

Craft foam isn’t typically on my list of art supplies, but it does come in handy for certain uses, and I still have some sheets knocking about the studio cubbies. G loves to cut with scissors, so I gave her a sheet of craft foam and suggested she cut out some shapes that we could then glue onto the block. The word “shapes” hung her up, as she’s recently been learning about the shapes we call circle, triangle, square, etc. When I realized she was trying to cut out those shapes (a bit hard at her age), I explained she could cut anything she wanted, it just needed to fit on the block at the end. She happily cut the sheet of foam into strips while I worked with her brothers.

At the end of her cutting, we found a piece that fit onto the wooden block and we glued it on, using regular tacky glue. It set pretty quickly.

Then she added some scratchings in, and tried out her stamp.

This was simple, but satisfying. A slightly older child–old enough to cut specific forms with scissors but too young to use the carving tools for rubber stamps–could arrange patterns on the block using more than one piece of foam. Lots of possibilities!