Vegetable Print Wrapping Paper

A cousin is turning three, so G and I decided to make some special wrapping paper. We chose red and blue, but you could make wrapping paper holiday-specific based on the colors you choose.

Materials: Big piece of paper–I cut a piece from a tall roll of white paper that I found at Staples; tempera paint; veggies (we used a carrot, a piece of celery, and a small potato)

The process is fairly straight-forward! We cut the veggies, dipped them in paint, and printed. We didn’t get fancy with the cutting, since I wanted this to be something G could do–and she did. I had a photo, but my camera ate it. We used a safety knife I bought years ago for my oldest, but it’s got large serrations and doesn’t make terribly smooth cuts. Next time I’ll let her use my favorite paring knife, which is old and not pointy sharp.

Anyway, she began with the carrot. When she filled up the area she could reach, I rotated the paper a quarter turn.

After three quarter turns, she’d filled the paper. I did some too. When the prints were dry, we wrapped the presents.

Our extra piece is in the front. G pushed the button for this picture.

One of those boxes holds some Crayola Washable Finger Paints in tubes. G really likes squeezing the paint out herself. We’ll be handing the mom a roll of freezer paper and one of aluminum foil (mainly because I think the three-year-old would be mystified to open those, no?). The freezer paper is good for finger painting–one side is slippery, for the paint to really slide around on, but if you choose the papery side, you have that plasticy backing, so the paint won’t soak through. The aluminum foil is another interesting surface on which to finger paint.

G did this just the other day–aluminum foil on the left, freezer paper on the right, and regular paper up above, which she used for some hand-printing. With the primaries, it’s fun to put two colors near each other so your child gets the delight of making a new color as she smears her hands through the paint.

We hope the birthday boy has a good time painting!

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  1. Jan

    Try doing prints with lemon halves. It looks great in “citrus” colours – yellow, orange, light green. Just remind the children not to squeeze the lemons!

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