I’m over at Michelle’s site Lagniappe Academy today, hoping to show her readers that the art portion of a homeschool curriculum doesn’t have to be stressful! When I first met Michelle, her daughter was in school and I was homeschooling. Now our situations are reversed and I admit I’m a little jealous, even though I know how challenging those days can sometimes be. When I sent my boys to school I naively thought that they’d get an opportunity to explore some new art materials and techniques, but the art teacher is constrained by time, budget, and most importantly (I think), space. So as you can see from this blog, I took responsibility for art.

If you are visiting from Lagniappe Academy, welcome! You can read more about me here, more of my philosophy of children and their art experiences can be found here, and the inspirations page may contain some resources that are new to you. I truly hope you find some ideas that appeal to you and your children!

My latest column is also up at Kidoinfo, where I show off the cool glue batik t-shirts the kids and I made last summer, inspired by an activity at That Artist Woman.

I love the look of batik fabric and thought it would be pretty cool to do with my kids, except, of course, for the burning hot wax bit. So last summer, after being inspired by a post on a (now-deleted) blog about reworking the glue batik project on That Artist Woman for t-shirts, I consulted with my kids and we decided to give it a try… I like this project because it allows complete creativity on the part of the artist and also results in some pretty cool wearable art.

Go see how easy it is to create a one-of-a-kind shirt!