Random Monday

We had a really busy weekend, so here’s a few random things for a Monday morning.

1. I’m hosting a giveaway on my craft blog. Head on over there for a chance to win this pretty little handmade book.

2. I’m on Twitter now, so that’s another choice of how to get notified that there’s a new post here, if you prefer.

3. I’m signing my boys up for a week of summer camp at a local arts center. Why? Why spend that money when I’m capable of doing all sorts of art activities here at home? A few reasons: One, I want to support the arts center so we have a successful arts center in our community (well, it’s not quite in our community, but close enough). Two, because it’s valuable for the kids to be exposed to other ways of seeing, other ways of doing, and other ways of teaching besides mine. Three, because they can be inspired by and inspire their fellow students. Creativity requires interaction–not at all stages, but it’s hard to innovate and create in a solo little bubble.

4. I’ve included a Manifesto as a page up top. It explains a bit more of what I feel my role in my kids’ creative process is, and why you won’t find step-by-step craft instructions on this blog. Over the past six months of posting here I’ve discovered I’m really, really passionate about providing kids with a chance to explore a process and direct their own creativity. It’s not always easy to do this with my older kids–they’re in school, so I need to make our art activities a priority on weekends (I’m so looking forward to summer!). While books and the Internet contain many resources for open-ended exploration with younger children, I’m often tweaking and researching and just plain brainstorming for activities that I can stretch to include all of my children. But it’s so satisfying, for all of us, in so many ways–which, perhaps, is a longer post for another day.