If You Give a Girl a Spray Bottle

Materials: Spray bottle filled with colored water (I used watered-down liquid watercolor); sense of humor

If you give a girl a spray bottle…

…she’s going to have a hard time staying on the paper.

It’s just so irresistible.

So you go outside, of course!

She’ll realize the blue doesn’t show up so well on concrete…

…but the white garage makes a fine canvas.

It’s hard to see the blue water on the blue chair…

…but when she sprays the red chair, she’ll shout, “Purple!!”

You can’t see the blue on the grass, but the painted step shows it nicely.

If you give a girl a spray bottle, you’re in for an adventure!

5 thoughts on “If You Give a Girl a Spray Bottle

    1. amy

      Daddy winced, and no, not so much, but by the end of the week I’m *sure* all the rain will take care of it. I tend not to stress too much about paint on the door or crayons on the wall, though. If I’d wanted a showcase of a house I probably shouldn’t have had children!

      1. Ann (Art by ABC)

        LOVE your post and your blog! I teach art classes to Pre K ages here in my home – and I hold our classes outside as often as possible! We used spray bottles last week, and our driveway still shows the beautiful colors – fading, but still there after rain! I feel exactly the same way you do — we have two children, now 11 and 14, and we had them for a reason !!:) To love them, and let them truly ‘be children’ — play and enjoy growing up -which means easels up when they could barely walk !! and lots of ART! That means getting messy the kids, and the house and yard! Thank you and I hope to continue to learn more from you site. 🙂

  1. Rachelle

    oh my gosh!! look at all that blue spray! I just love how free you are with your kids, and how they have so much room to explore! I gave my daughter a blue-water filled spray bottle last week, and it’s still sitting — FULL — in our garden. Kids have minds of their own, don’t they?

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