Painting the Driveway

Earlier in the week, I showed the two younger kids painting the driveway with some sidewalk chalk they’d soaked in a puddle of water. And I’ve mentioned how much G likes spraying the water bottle. So when I read about fizzy sidewalk chalk (link via Not Just Cute), well, it was a done deal. We had to try it!

I approximately halved the recipe in the original post, but then dumped in some more cornstarch (just because it looked a little off). I think G enjoyed making the paint as much as anything else. It was her job to  mix the dry ingredients together. While I was measuring out the cornstarch, she said she wanted to taste the baking soda. “I don’t think you’ll like it,” I said, “but go ahead.” So she dipped her finger in and licked it. Not surprisingly, she didn’t like it.

Once the dry ingredients were mixed, I gave her the measuring glass of water and she poured it in slowly, a bit at a time while I mixed, until we decided it looked like paint. Then I separated what we had into two clean glass jars and she added food coloring to make pink and purple.

Then we painted!

After she seemed about done with the painting, I told her it would fizz if she sprayed it with the vinegar–did she want to try it out?

Look at that satisfying fizz!

Just one part of a full and happy spring toddler day, which also included visiting the playground, playing in the sandbox, taking a walk to see the neighbor’s cows and even feeding them some grass. Yay, spring!

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