Free-Range Creativity

It’s school vacation week. The weather is meh. I’m not sure my toddler slept at all on Monday night. As a result, I wasn’t up to even getting out of the house yesterday. Before much of the morning had progressed, N had created this:

The people and animals are crossing the bridge. There’s water under the bridge–see the boat?

See the waterfall, cascading from the couch into the stream?

That’s another view of it, as it flows over some rocks. The stream then continues into a river (using larger blankets) into our blue circle rug, which became the ocean, complete with a whale.

This isn’t the first time he’s done this. Once again, we left it up all day, so Daddy could see it when he came home from work. Periodically he’d add to it, until there were gnomes and hamsters also crossing the bridge, along with a chicken and another pony. (The felt board was his second try at a bridge, after the pillow kept falling.)

I’m a big proponent of kids amusing themselves. This blog shows just a snapshot, of art activities that we do together, but, like most blogs, it doesn’t tell the whole story. My kids spend time filling their own time, too–an ability that I think is a crucial component to becoming a successful adult.

While I’m here, I keep meaning to share these photos, of V excitedly taking apart a small kitchen digital scale that ceased to work. I handed it over to him so he could explore it.

We have a small space heater that no longer shoots out warm air. It’s next in queue for V’s screwdriver. 🙂

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