Last year we didn’t color Easter eggs, because we’d discovered the previous fall that G was allergic to eggs, and I didn’t want to risk her getting sick OR have her feel left out. Easter sort of snuck up on me last year, and I didn’t have an alternate plan. However, it’s late this year, which gave me time to think. (G may have outgrown her allergy by now; her dad did by her age. But I haven’t screwed up my courage to put that to the test yet.)

I decided that instead of dyeing real eggs, we’ll paint wooden eggs. And while I was on that site, I couldn’t resist ordering a couple bags of assorted geometric wood shapes. And when I poured the two bags into a shoebox (along with the few pieces left over from this activity) and set them out on the art table, the kids couldn’t resist them either.

G’s “playground”:

N dives in:

V comes over to play, too:

I found this later on… forest? City?

Maybe at some point we’ll break out the hot glue gun and paint, but for now, we’re leaving these as a box of blocks and neat shapes to play with, take apart, and build with again. Really, for three dollars a bag, this was an irresistible bargain!

2 thoughts on “Irresistible!

  1. Rachelle

    How fun! They would look pretty cool glued together, but I understand why you wouldn’t do it. I just discovered Casey’s Wood through Paint Cut Paste, and was mentally planning an order, and now here you and your kids are with these good ideas! And for just $3! I love me a bargain, too!

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