Random Acts of Creativity

Shall I call them RACs? Aren’t they fun? One morning last weekend, N came upstairs for breakfast holding a Lego creation in his hand. Inspired by something in his Lego Club, Jr. magazine, he’d decided to create an animal out of his head. After trying out several ideas (and apparently working for quite a while after waking up early), he settled on this crocodile.

His mouth opens and closes on a swivel. He’s wicked cool, as we say in these parts.

This morning, I came home to find this:

N was home sick from school, but feeling better than he has been. While his dad worked from home, N built a structure with the element blocks. I love hearing, “Wait till you see what I built!” I also love digital cameras, because it makes it so easy to take pictures of the kids’ creations, which, in turn, makes it easier for them to let them go and build new ones.

What random acts of creativity have your kids (or you!) been up to lately?

2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Creativity

  1. Michelle

    Nice croc!!! Is there a lego club or something nearby? Our library hosts weekly lego meetings, but we haven’t been to any. Ella’s not really into them, but some of the other kids in our group have said they had fun at them, and the library puts all their little creations on display in the kids’ section.

    Ella has been making paper houses for imaginary animals lately. Complicated floor plans and everything. Very nice, but we have to find places for them (they’re about a square foot each).

    Harper . . . she keeps playing crayon babies. Then cooking them. I have yet to get used to that game.

  2. Bells

    Alice has been discovering block towers – she has some cardboard stackable blocks that make a fabulous tower and what I love best is seeing how each time she builds one, she stops to make sure the tiny one at the top is JUST SO before she totally launches at it and destroys the whole thing.

    It’s perfect.

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