My boys go back to school tomorrow, and I’m not ready to let them go! We had a lovely relaxed week. There was time for this

Painting in the studio

And time for this

Don't mess with the Lego set-up...

And this

Pattern blocks

And time for this

The beach in winter

Which led to this.

A winter nature table

In other words, lots of unstructured time that the kids could fill by doing what they wanted—reading, creating with Legos, getting outside. One morning the boys tried to launch a toy car from the arm of the futon to the table, trying to build ramps to help. Another day, the two youngest tried to see if they could pile up enough pillows and big, squishy blocks to reach the ceiling. The TV didn’t go on once all week. This wasn’t necessarily my plan—if the boys had asked to watch a DVD or two, I probably would have said yes—but they never asked. (When it’s just me and G at home, the TV doesn’t go on unless I’m sick and in dire need of fifteen minutes on the couch.)

At the beginning of the week we vaguely discussed going to one of the many nearby museums or nature centers or aquariums to take advantage of the activities scheduled to fill school vacation week, but when it came right down to it, nobody wanted to leave the house or get up at a specific time or get dressed on a schedule. (We did go to the library once, but only to pick out books, not take in a program.) So we ended up with a glorious week of unplugged creative child-led activities.

Coming up this week, posts on how we turned V’s art into a stamp and the week’s painting activities. In the meantime, for fellow New Englanders, here are a few upcoming events we’re excited about:

Mo Willems at the Eric Carle Museum on March 27. (Not familiar with Mo Willems? See here!) March 20th is the 3rd Annual The Very Hungry Caterpillar Day; I think I’ll be planning something for us to do at home.

Collaboration ’11 at the Jamestown Arts Center. Drop-off is on March 29, and the exhibition is from April 1-28. Everyone is welcome to participate.

The return of The Big Draw at the RISD Museum on April 30.

Any upcoming arts-related events in your neighborhood (or beyond?) that you’re excited about? Share!

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  1. Bells

    i love the beach in winter. I really do. And I’ve only ever seen your beaches in winter – I stood bare foot in that cold northern ocean and LOVED it!

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