Squirty Paint!

G has painted snow a few more times, and since she enjoys squeezing those bottles so much I asked if she’d like to squirt some paint inside, too. Oh yes, she definitely wanted to!

Materials: Squirt bottles, tempera paint (it’s slightly watered down), watercolor paper (you definitely need a paper with some heft here); I have the paper on some cardboard, but you could put the whole thing in a plastic bin, too, if you were really concerned about splatter.

She asked for green and purple paint. Those are the colors she requested to paint snow earlier that day, too. I guess she had a theme going!

Once she had big puddles of paint on the paper, I asked her (inspired by this article) if she’d like to run a car through the paint. Can you see the sly delighted smile on her face? I don’t think she was sure I meant it at first.

Don’t those streaks look really cool? We still had so much paint on that paper I asked her if she’d like to make a print on another piece of paper, like we did with the plastic box. It was really fun to watch the paint spoosh out the edge as we pressed on the paper.

You really need a close-up of the veiny effect we ended up with:

When she was done, she asked to paint at her easel. I was rinsing out the empty bottles and washing the Lego car and I could hear her chanting, “Up and down, up and down.” And this is what she’d painted:

Up and down!

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