Scribble Resist

Materials: Oil pastels (we really like Crayola), although regular wax crayons should also work; liquid watercolors; paper (we started with Artagain, but watercolor paper worked a little better)

When is the last time you scribbled? (Adults, I’m talking to you here!) It’s fun. It’s very freeing and physical. We don’t say, “It’s just a scribble” here. That makes “scribble” sound like an insult, doesn’t it? We also don’t leave scribbling to the toddler. You could do all sorts of fancy projects with the pastel (or crayon) and watercolor resist method. Or you could just scribble and paint, line and color, watching how cool it is when the watercolor slides off the colored lines.

(Mine above, G’s on the bottom.)

The method couldn’t be simpler. Draw. Paint. That’s it.

(V’s, age nine. First one on top, second on the bottom.)

What happens when you use the same color paint as pastel? Let’s try it out! You like how your brother painted stripes? Give it a try!

(N’s, age six. First one on top, second one, inspired by his brother’s stripes, on the bottom.)

Scribble. Paint. Why leave all the fun to the toddlers?

4 thoughts on “Scribble Resist

  1. Michelle

    You know, I bought oil pastels a year ago with the intention of doing watercolor resists, and I think we only brought them out once to scribble with. With everyone being sick, we’re still waiting on our boards. 🙂

  2. amy

    Oh, you don’t need boards for this–we just scribbled and then painted right on the dry paper. If you don’t have a dedicated art table, though, you’re going to want to protect the table’s surface. It gets a little messy!

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