Paint Prints

(Inspired by this post at Littlest Birds Studio.)

Materials: Acrylic box (the kind you get with a box frame), tempera paint, cotton swab (or something else that will make marks in the paint–I bet older kids could come up with all sorts of ideas), paper that’s larger than the box

G’s favorite thing to do is paint at her easel, and any time we’re in the studio, she fits in some painting time. The other day, before she painted at the easel, I convinced her to try something new.

I explained that she was going to paint on the clear plastic and then we’d press the paper on top before peeling it off to see what the paper looked like. I asked her what color she’d like, and she asked for black. “Any other color with your black?” Nope, just black.

“Polka dots,” she said as she jabbed the brush onto the plastic.

The next step is to make some marks in the paint with the cotton swab.

Then we lay a piece of paper over the top of the paint and G helped me smooth it down. I have no photos of this process because I was busy! When we peeled the paper off, we had a print:

How cool is that? After three prints,

G was ready to paint on her easel. She requested I draw the smiley face, by the way. Smiles! Painting is so much fun!

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    Just stopping by to offer my condolences on how the Jets treated your fave qb today. He’s still a hottie, even when he’s dejected. šŸ˜‰

    Go Steelers!

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