Paint Snow

Thoroughly uninterested in her brothers’ snowball fight, yesterday my toddler requested to “paint snow.” She knows a canvas when she sees one.

Materials: Water, food coloring, squirt bottles–and, of course, snow, which Mother Nature provided in, er, excess (if you ask me!)

By the time the two bottles were empty, she was ready to go inside, where it was warmer and snow doesn’t blow in your face. (Also, lucky thing she’s light. When I sunk into the snow it was about up to my knees in places!)

More of our snow day activities in the next post…

6 thoughts on “Paint Snow

  1. Rachelle

    I wanted to do this so badly when we were on the east coast over the holidays, but my little one ended up in the ER with a foot injury that kept us indoors for the remainder of our trip. It’s nice to read about this through your eyes, though 🙂 Brrrr. I hear you got A LOT of snow this week.

  2. donna lee

    I love this idea. There was a company that sold small spray paint guns that could be filled with colored water to spray onto snow and I always thought they looked like tons of fun.

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