Wood + Glue + Paper + Wire

(Partially inspired by this post at Acorn Pies.)

Materials: Wooden shapes (found at the craft store), Tacky Glue (for the wood), paper scraps, wire, Mod Podge (for the paper scraps), acrylic paint (turns out we needed some of that, too!)

Presented with a variety of materials, what shall we do?

Make sure to tell the kids to hold the pieces together for a minute or two after applying glue. The tacky glue holds the wood together surprisingly well.

We can string shapes on wire. Some of them have holes that go all the way through.

G asked for her pink paper, black paint, and a “wheel” with which to move the paint around. She also built some sculptures with wood, glue, and paper, below.

V, age nine, built a few structures and then connected two of them with wire.

N’s structures:

He also wanted to make a necklace, and he wanted to paint the pieces first. I rigged up each “bead” on a piece of wire so he could easily paint all the sides:

Then I hung the beads, still on their wires, on the laundry room clothesline until they dried. The finished necklace:

Given a variety of materials–enough to be interesting, but not so much as to be overwhelming–what might you and your kids come up with?

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  1. Bells

    these look like great fun too. Honestly I’m storing by so many ideas for ways to entertain Alice over the coming year – she’s nearly two so I figure she’ll start being able to do this stuff soon!

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