Tape Play

Kids like tape. I knew this already–when my boys were younger, they’d spend what seemed like hours with rolls of clear tape, often taping things to the walls with miles of the stuff. My daughter likes tape, too. I’m not sure why I never thought to provide colored painter’s and masking tape for my boys, but as in so many other areas, my daughter is reaping the benefits of being the third child.

While I was setting up for sponge painting not too long ago, I asked G if she’d like to continue, while she waited, on a drawing she’d started earlier with oil pastels. The blue painter’s tape was sitting on the art table, and she asked to use that.

For this, I tore off pieces of tape for her and put them on the edge of the table. She then taped them to the paper herself.

Santa brought G a set of colored tape, and given the choice of black or white paper, she chose black. (Love that black paper!)

She wanted to tear this tape herself. It’s thinner than the roll of painter’s tape–the set of colors only came in 1/2″ thickness, not the full inch–and this makes it a little harder to work with for small fingers. G would pull off a long strip of tape and then ask me to rip it for her. You can see that this tape behaves differently–it twists and curls much more readily, which is, of course, interesting in itself as well.

I think we’ll be sharing this activity with the big kids, too. My six-year-old still enjoys sticking stickers onto a blank sheet of paper and filling in the scene with colored pencils. There is something about sticking things onto other things–it’s so appealing. We’re not done with tape, not by a long shot!


For some really amazing and inspiring photos of art created with tape, go here. It’s worth clicking on all those links under the “Tape Drawing” tab, and the “Community, Art, and Education” tab has lesson plans along with photos of the results. I think I’ll follow the suggestion not to show these to my boys until after we attempt some tape art of our own.

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  2. Rachelle

    Tape! That’s got to be one of the best gifts ever. I love getting and receiving art materials for gifts — children don’t grow tired of them after using them one or two times. Happy New Year!

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