Holly Jolly*

Our studio table is currently a bit full of holiday-related projects, a bit more on the craft side of things.

I’ve got a wooden snowman ornament I picked up on a whim, to paint for my two-year-old, who seems to have a thing for snowmen. Those green squares in the middle are from a handknit sock that I didn’t feel like darning, so I felted it and cut squares out of it, thinking we might make a wreath decorations like this one, if I get around to it. In the back you can just barely see some bottle cap magnets in progress, and let’s get a closer look at the glass baubles.

These are painted ornaments, destined to be teacher gifts, if the paint ever dries (I’m a little worried about that!). The boys chose the paint combinations for their teachers, truly thinking about what colors they might like. (“I always see Miss ___ wearing light blue, so I’ll use that color in hers.”) So while we’ve been busy in the studio, it’s more elf-work than anything else, although I’ll file this post under color for those glorious color combinations.

*My two-year-old has a curious and strong attachment to “Holly Jolly Christmas,” resulting in that song being on repeat for hours at a time. I’ve no doubt this Christmas will be remembered as our holliest and jolliest!

Are you up to any elf-work lately?

4 thoughts on “Holly Jolly*

  1. Michelle

    Oh, how sweet that they picked the colors so thoughtfully! I’m making bracelets for the girl cousins. I have about half of them done. Life is certainly easier not having to make ten teacher gifts this year. But I really feel off this year not sewing one single gift.

    Our repeat song is “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way.”Just those lines, over, and over, and over, and over, and over . . . .

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