Experiments in Toddler Painting

Materials: Black paper, tempera paints, toddler 🙂

Some Artagain paper arrived today, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. So when my two-year-old asked to paint, I asked if she’d like to paint on black paper instead of white today. Did she ever. My first thought was to give her just black and white paint…

…and doesn’t black paint look interesting on black paper? But the primaries were still out from our texture paintings the other day, and she asked for them.

I really like the finished painting.

And I told her so! But I also pointed out where the colors mixed, and the different directions of the brushstrokes. That sweeping horizontal one about a third of the way down on the left was, I think, her last brushstroke. She seems to be very clear about when she’s done.

After she finished at the easel, she asked to paint at the table. I decided to provide white and black paper side by side, along with white and black paint, and see what happened.

What happened is that she basically ignored the white paper. At one point I asked her what white paint might look like on white paper, and she dabbed at it before going back to the black paper.  And after a bit she asked for some blue and yellow.

The black background, I think, was so exciting! I’m looking forward to using this paper with pastels, too.

One thought on “Experiments in Toddler Painting

  1. Rachelle

    How fun! Adding new materials into the mix is a fabulous way for us to keep the attention level high too. And I love the name of the paper… it looks great and you can feel good about using it!

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